Electrical Materials & Electronic Products

Cable Accessories

Termination, Joints & Splicing Kits, Cable Glands, Tapes for Insulation, Cable Ties, Cable Markers, Lugs, Cleats & Connectors (Mfrs: Raychem, 3M, Ideal, Legrand, Ty-rap, Panduit, Bicc, CMPEtc.)

Conduit Fittings

Conduits, Elbows, Couplings, Bushings, Liquid tite Conn, Bodies Condulet & Boxes Hazardous & Non-Hazardous application products, Plastic, Mettalic boxes & Fittings.

Conduits, Channels, Cable Trays & its Accessories

PVC, Rigid Steel, EMT Conduits & Fittings, Channels & Fittings, Aluminium, Galvanized, FibreGlass, Wooden Cable trays & Fittings, etc.

PVC Coated & Non- Coated Pipes & Fittings

Conduits, Elbows, Couplings, Sealings Fittings, Conduit Outlet Boxes & Covers (GUAB, GUAC, GUAD, GUAL, GUAW, GUAX, C, LL, LB, LR, LBH, LBY, LBD etc) Conduit Clamps, Hubs, Unions Etc..

Grounding and Lightning Protection

Grounding and Lightning protection, earthing measurement, earthing material like copper conductor, joints. (Mfrs: Furse, Cadweld, Thompson, Penn-Union, Blackburn)

Meters, Tools & Testers

Mfrs: Fluke, Ideal, Proto, Greenlee, Klien Tools, Amprobe

Lighting Fixtures, Lamps & Ballast

Mfrs: Advance, Lithonia, Prescolite, Dual Lite, Hubbel, SLC, GE,Crouse-Hinds, Appleton, Cortem-Italy

Distribution, Disconnect, Wiring Devices & its accessories

Medium voltage switchgears: Low voltage switchgears, Distribution and Lighting panel boards, Safety Switches, Wiring Devices, Busway, Control Equipment, Circuit breakers load centers, Boxes (Metal & Plastic) Juntion Boxes

Transformers, Meters, Control apparatus & its accessories

Step-up / Step-down transformers, Current Transformers, KWH Meters, Magnetic Starters, Motors, Load banks etc.

Insulation materials, Markers, Terminators & Grounding Material

Insulation tapes, Splicing Kits, Termination kits, Wire Markers, Cable lugs, Cable Glands, Grounding rods, TINNED Grounding conductors, Lightening protection materials, etc.

Power Line Towers, Poles, Insulators & its Accessories.

Poles, Street Lights, Garden Lights, Transmission Line, High Mast, Wooden, Galvanized Steel, Fibre Glass, Aluminium, Tower lines, Pole Hardware

Tools & Testing Instruments

Field testing Instruments, Emergency Power Supplies, Cable Cutting, Signalling devices, Time switches, Crimping & processing tools

Test Instruments:

Clamp-on Meters. Electriacal Testers. Techometers. Megohmmeters. Multimeters.Oscilloscope.Recorders. Meggers. Fault location testing Kit. Phase Sequence testing meters... and name any instrument we do have the product.

Boring machines and tools

Perforator thrust boring machines and tools are designed for auger drilling with simultaneous pipe jacking to facilitate no-dig construction of underground pipeline projects as open cutting would result in a disruption of traffic and services and no-dig method is minimizing damage to the local environment (PERFORATOR GMBH - Germany)

Grounding and lightning protection

Grounding and lightning protection, earthing measurement, earthing material like copper conductor, joints, earthing design report.

Cable support structures

Cable support structures, cable racks and risers including sheet steel covers and supports, conduits between cable tray and consumer

Lighting Materials

Indoor lighting (normal and safety), Outdoor lighting, small power system, maintenance power system.

Conduit Pipes, Unistrut Channels

Electrical conduit pipes of various types such as (RGS) Rigid Steel Conduits, (IMC) Intermediate Metal Conduits, (EMT) Electrical Metallic Conduits etc. Strut Channels, Cable Trays, Cable Trunking of all sizes, Cable Trays and Cable Support systems, Cable Cleats etc.

Explosion & Flame Proof Fittings, Lights & J.Boxes

Electrical Conduit Fittings, Conduit Outlet Boxes, Cast Device Boxes, Cast Device Boxes, Conduit Outlet Bodies, Cord Grip Connectors, Ex-proof Junction Boxes, Control Panels, Switches, Hubs, Unions, Tees, Reducers, Coupled Hoses, Drain seal Fittings, Conduit Sealing Compounds etc.

Grounding & Lightning Protection System

Grounding Copper Rods, Bus Bars, Copper Tapes, Earth Conductors, Lightning arrestors, Air terminals, Earthing Grid, Dc Tapes, Dc Clamps, Servit Post connectors, Thermowelding, Cadwelding Moulds Cadweld Powder etc.

Cables (Electrical & Welding)

Electrical Power Cables, Control Cables, Instrument Signal Cables, Thermocouple extension Cables, Marine ship board Cables, Fire proof MICC Mineral Insulated Copper Cables, Welding Cables etc with various insulation such as PVC, XLPE, SWA, LC, Rubber, Fiber, Tefflon.